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Software Development Services

Integrate all your company’s workflows into comprehensive platforms specifically designed and developed to suit your own standard operating practices. Eiffel group can reverse-engineer your processes to create a tailored application that centralizes and optimizes your team's daily tasks. 


  • Adapt the software to your company, not the other way around

  • Simplify workloads and improve process efficiency

  • Increase team capabilities and gain a competitive edge in the market 

  • Improve the usability for your team and your end-user

  • Manage ever-growing amounts of data

  • Scale without third-party constraints or exponential costs

  • Maintain a private and secure IT infrastructure

Solution Design

  • Business specification gathering

  • Functional workflow formalization

  • Technical analysis

  • UML diagrams

  • Gap analysis

  • Business intelligence programs

  • Project planning

Technical Development

  • System development

  • System integration & API

  • Cloud computing

  • Devops methodology

  • System scalability

  • Data management

  • Migration & upgrade

Testing & Deployment

  • Phased implementation solutions

  • Performance testing

  • Security testing

  • Regression & penetration testing

  • User acceptance

  • Support & maintenance

  • Continuous system improvement

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