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Research & Development

Explore new ideas to increase your value proposition and contribute to the long-term success of your company. Eiffel Group can design and conduct the necessary studies that will help it achieve ROI-focused results.


  • Increase market participation

  • Gain competitive advantages

  • Maintain relevance and match trends

  • Develop unique products and services

  • Generate new or enhanced income streams

  • Attract potential new investors

  • Establish yourself as leader in the market

  • Strengthen brand reputation


  • Development of new technologies

  • Constant innovation & improvement 

  • Building out cost-efficient & environmentally friendly methods

  • Modeling of world-class products 

  • Solving generic industry problems


  • Create an innovative business component resulting in improved function

  • Eliminate tech uncertainty by going through a discovery process of the product

  • The complete process of experimentation through iterations & simulation

  • Implement hard sciences principles like engineering & computer science

Current R&D Projects

  • Creation & ongoing improvement of Automated Ghost Kitchen Software 

  • Optimization of actionable data through AI to increase Ghost Kitchens profitability

  • Modelization of AI-Enhanced 3D Printing Database

  • Discovery of AI-Enhanced Cybersecurity Scanner 

  • Others…

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