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API Integration

Enhance the usability of your system by connecting it to thousands of third party application programming interfaces (APIs). Eiffel Group can build bridges between your software and the world, whether developing you own API or integrating a third party’s interface.


  • Increases productivity

  • Saves development costs

  • Improves connectivity and collaboration

  • Encourages innovation

  • Enhances customer experience

  • Collects data for intelligence analytics

  • Creates new revenue opportunities

  • Builds new product capabilities

API Design

  • API workflow design

  • API call diagram

  • API protocol & function specification 

  • Data normalization

API Development

  • 3rd party API integration

  • Custom API deployment 

  • API platform

  • Exiting API optimization

API Maintenance

  • Automated testing

  • Encryptions for security

  • Single sign-on capabilities

  • Dashboard control

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