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Business Intelligence Solutions

Understand the raw data your business generates and unleash a structured, data-driven approach to decision-making across your company. Eiffel Group can provide your teams with the tools they need to intuitively apply business intelligence insights into everyday decisions.


  • Understand & optimize business workflows

  • Increase profitability 

  • Generate actionable information from analytics

  • Understand customer behavior

  • Analyze competition

  • Track performance

  • Predict success

  • Spot market trends

Data Management

  • Data analytics strategy 

  • Data governance 

  • Data migration 

  • Data warehousing 

  • Data transformations 

  • Data mining

BI Technology Integration

  • Dashboard application

  • Performance metrics 

  • Forecasting models

  • Querying

  • Statistical analysis

  • Visual analysis

  • Customer intelligence

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