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Application Support

Guarantee that both your users as well as your collaborators have a 24h channel that they can rely on to solve their issues in an prompt manner. Eiffel Group can set up and manage your application support channel using best practices to ensure fast and reliable service.


  • Get expert support

  • Focus on more vital business operations

  • Avoid spending in onboarding an internal team

  • Track bug reports and maintain performance

  • Improve customer service and satisfaction

  • Easily scale support operations


  • 24/7/365 support

  • Multi-disciplined & expert team

  • Optimization of your software resources

  • Faster resolution times for all issues

  • Access to monitoring & reporting capabilities

  • Replace the need for an internal support team

Helpdesk Center

  • Flexible coverage up to 24/7

  • Dedicated or shared support

  • USA-based agile IT services

  • Immediate implementation

  • Every service optional/adjustable

Error & Incident Management

  • IVirus & malware quarantine & deletion

  • System bug Identification & purgi

  • IT breakdown & incident fix

  • Infrastructure failure fix

  • Troubleshooting

User Assistance

  • Functional support

  • Access & account 

  • Internet access control and oversight

  • User training 

  • Specification gathering

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