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Odoo + Salesforce

Salesforce is an innovative, cloud-based company that provides comprehensive customer relations management solutions. The CRM software from Salesforce automates and streamlines the business processes by creating an infrastructure which allows your support, marketing, and sales teams to work together in real-time. It also provides you with important data about sales and customers, which helps you understand what is working and what is not. It allows you to better track and serve the customers you have, while creating new relationships. With the Odoo + Salesforce connector, you can:

  • Import the customers from Salesforce to Odoo, to save time on manual entries.
  • Import accounts into Odoo, whether they are individual record imports or all the parent accounts.
  • Export customers to Salesforce from Odoo or perform an update if the customer already exists in the Salesforce system.
  • Products can be imported from Salesforce to Odoo and can be exported from Odoo to Salesforce.
  • Import quotes and sales orders to save time, reduce errors, and speed up processing, to create a better experience for the customer and save money overall.
  • Create an integrated system that provides better quality services, increased customer support, and decreased process times, which will help your business grow and provide your customers what they need.

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