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Odoo + Magento

Magento is a powerful tool for managing online businesses and eCommerce sites. However, by itself, it lacks in a few other areas. With the Odoo-Magento connector, you can easily resolve this issue. Utilize the best of both worlds. Use the powerful eCommerce platform, Magento, and the mighty management software, Odoo, together and get better control over your business. The ability to integrate Magento 2 with Odoo is powerful. This extension can synchronize your product catalog, sales orders, invoices, customers, and more. It is an ideal way to make your business run efficiently by optimizing the Enterprise resources, while automating and simplifying the functions of your eCommerce store.

Odoo – magento connector features include :

  • User friendly, so you don’t need to be worried about a complex new system to train people on
  • Ability to create online stores that are fully functional
  • Ability to manage multiple stores
  • Creation of useful reports essential to making business decisions
  • Management of shipping systems, like FedEx and UPS
  • Management of payment gateways, like PayPal
  • Ability to import Magento 2 customers into Odoo contacts
  • Ability to conduct Magento 2 products, orders, and invoices in real-time
  • Bidirectional category and product sync
  • Automatic generations of order invoices in Odoo when they are invoiced in Magento
  • Inventory is automatically synced between the systems
  • Payment, shipping, and tax mapping
  • Automatic shipping in Odoo when shipped via Magento
  • Automatic sync of tracking identification to Magento when the order is generated in Odoo
  • Compatibility with Odoo point of sale system, where the inventory will sync automatically in both systems

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