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Odoo + Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers the tools businesses need to offer exceptional customer support. When paired with the powerful Odoo software, it can provide a comprehensive system for managing employees and customers. Utilize the customer relations manager in Odoo with the powerful support tools in Freshdesk with an integration tool designed to provide your customers with more. It is the ideal way to provide them with the service they expect, so you can retain your current customer base, while attracting more customers. The Odoo + Freshdesk connector offers:

  • A team inbox designed to help you manage and track incoming tickets for support from various channels to make it easier to handle support issues.
  • An agent collision detection system to ensure that agents are not working on the same ticket at the same time to improve efficiency.
  • An automation feature that allows you to perform multiple actions with one click, so you can save time on repeated actions.
  • A ticket status feature that allows you to determine what stage the customer ticket is in A Freshconnect system that allows the team to solve issues together that provides everyone with the information, so they can each address certain parts of the support ticket individually.
  • A single platform for the management of the support-related communications from various channels, such as social media, chat, email, website and phone.
  • A linking system that can link together tickets and keep track of various issues to deliver consistent responses.

With the Odoo + Freshdesk Connector, it is easy for businesses to better support their customers easily without having to spend hours transferring data from their current Odoo software.

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