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Odoo Warehouse

Odoo Warehouse helps organizations properly organize their warehouse and their inventory to improve overall performance and decrease process times. The application uses a double entry system for the inventory, so companies do not have to worry about entering the inputs, outputs, or transformations. Instead, the inventory is moved from different locations within the warehouse system. With a fast user interface, Odoo Inventory is designed to help you get more things done.

  • Use a barcode scanner to scan the products, so the information can be easily entered into the system
  • Manage simple or complex inventories through on-demand features
  • Stay in control of your stock, upcoming deliveries, and fulfilled orders
  • Control all your inventory transactions in one place on the dashboard 
  • Find out about backorders or delayed items instantly through system alerts
  • Use a barcode interface that supports any barcode scanning hardware or type of workflow
  • Simply scan the delivery order document, scan the products you want added, and a special add code to add products and they are ready to ship
  • Get automatic shipping labels printed and ready to ship
  • The interface integrates with major shippers, like FedEx, UPS, or DHL to calculate shipping costs and set up pickups or cancel pending pickups
  • Manage all your orders and products in one place to better trace the movement of inventory, monitor sales, and monitor any purchases in progress
  • Use automated fulfillment option to set parameters for in-stock products, so these items can be easily reordered when needed
Easily Set Up Deliveries

Odoo Warehouse prepares your delivery orders based on your current stock levels and gets them ready to ship out. The application works to make inventory adjustments for you by zone, product, lot, or pallet. Therefore, your inventory is always correct, without having to worry about long inventory audit times. Orders can be easily added to the order and tracked throughout the delivery process, which allows you to keep your customers updated.

Easy Inventory Handling

Handle stock transfers, inventory receipts, and scrapped products with ease. Control the products coming into the warehouse and compare them to what was ordered to ensure that you are receiving the products you need. Move products in the interface from one location to another easily, so you know where the products are inside your warehouse at all times. In just a few clicks, you can remove scrap products from the system and track them easily to understand why these products were scrapped. This allows you to find key issues with the movement of your products, so you can control inventory waste.

Advanced Routing

You can design your own flow for order processing. Choose whether the product will be shipped directly from the supplier to your customer or picked, packed, and shipped from your stock. You can easily manage any movement through the warehouse or get the products to your customers faster. Manage multiple warehouses within the same system and set up automated transfers when products in the warehouse gets low, so the products can be transferred from one warehouse to the other, when needed.

Barcode Scanning Option

The interface uses barcode scanners to perform all the inventory operations. Scan income shipments to put the items into stock, add them to an order via scan, or add a barcode to a shipment to help it be tracked throughout the process. There is no need for a keyboard, because all the operations can be done using the scanners. You can even track the manufacturer lots by serial number or barcode.

Replenish Your Stock

To ensure that you have the products you need on hand, you can set minimum stock limits. When the limits get low, Odoo will alert you, so that you are able to get the products you need quickly. Odoo inventory also allows you to request quotes for future orders, so you don’t have to get a customized quote before every purchase.

Odoo Inventory works to keep your warehouses organized efficiently and fully stocked. That way you aren’t losing out on money, when you can’t get the products that your customers want or need. Track all warehouse operations, including incoming shipments, inventory, and outgoing shipments, in one spot on your dashboard. With Odoo Warehouse, you can stay on top of your warehouse operations, which will save money, increase efficiency, and utilize your resources more effectively.

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