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Odoo Sales

Odoo Sales helps businesses sell their goods and services more efficiently. It is a great option for any business, because it offers a wide selection of options designed to provide the proper sales support to the sales personnel. With a modern user interface, the application allows businesses to have all the information their salespeople need in one place that is easy to access and use. With Odoo sales, businesses can:

  • Stay better connected with their customers to improve relations
  • Track the sales order throughout the process to ensure fast and effective delivery
  • Offer clients product variations, discounts, and variable pricing
  • Complete sales orders on the move, which provides your sales personnel more options
  • Save time by reducing the amount of data entry needed to turn sales orders into invoices
  • Improve the bottom line with easy upselling options
  • Get repeat business easier with contract tracking and an option for recurring invoicing
  • Make contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other important documents easy to sign with the eSignature option
Mobile Interface for Use Anywhere

The interface is mobile and can be used anywhere, even without the internet. Just enter the information you need and when connected to the internet, the information will sync and be saved. You can turn the quote that you have created for your customer into a sales order and an invoice, to reduce the need for data entry and make your sales process more seamless.

Make Quotations that Convert to Invoices

Part of the sales process for many businesses involves creating a quotation for your customers. These customers want to be able to get an idea of what they will be paying. Simply enter the information using the quotation builder or quotation template. It is a great way to upsell by proposing extra options, other products the customer may need, and adding discounts. Plus, the customer can review the quote and sign it directly in the app.

Better Customer Maintenance

Odoo sales also allows sales personnel to manage their orders. Quotations can become sales orders when the customer agrees to the service. Then, they can become invoices when the products are delivered, or the services are complete. Each of the customer orders can be tracked throughout the process, which makes it easy when it’s time to renew a contract or to manage service contracts that are reoccurring.

Improve Communications

Odoo sales allows businesses to streamline their communications through activities scheduling, email gateways, and onboarding emails. Email communications are attached to the customer order, so you can easily track communications. It is a great way to ensure that everyone can receive the communications between the customer and the sales team, to better handle the situation.

Provide Customers with Variety

Odoo sales allows businesses to provide their customers with the many options you have to offer. For example, you can provide the customer with the various sizes, finishes, and colors you have available for your products. It is a great way to ensure that your customers know their options, so you can more readily find the perfect product to meet their needs. Plus, when you have different pricing for various customers, you can use price lists to automatically use the applicable pricelist for that customer.

Intuitive Reporting

Odoo sales also offer businesses intuitive reporting features that provide the team with information about the sales activities, performance information, and next actions that should be taken on any given order. It makes those key performance indicators trackable, so your employees can work to become more effective. Monitoring and tracking your business is important and that is why it is vital for businesses to have the information they need and consistently be tracking their performance.

Business Application Integrations

Additionally, you can integrate Odoo sales with other Odoo business applications. Odoo offers a customer relationship management application, an accounting application, an inventory application, an eCommerce application, and an application that can integrate all your sales channels into one system. With all these options, you can readily handle your business and make it easy to track sales, offer better customer support, and stay organized.

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