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Odoo Project Management

Odoo Project Management is designed to help businesses organize their efforts, create better schedules to meet project deadlines, plan for essential completion of projects on-time, and analyze data for increasing success. By simply dragging and dropping tasks, you can easily put tasks in the right stage, whether they are projects that need to be done, projects in progress, completed projects, or cancelled projects. With the scheduling option, you can easily identify your team’s progress towards completion of any working project. Receive a clear overview of the project’s deadlines, and identify those projects falling behind schedule. Plus, get a concrete idea of your overall workload to identify whether adjustments need to be made early in the process.

  • Forecast your upcoming needs and the resources you must fulfill them
  • Utilize visual information to get a better idea of how to break down large projects into smaller tasks that will be easier to handle
  • Make it easier to get your teams to collaborate on larger products without much downtime
  • Simplify the workflow to increase project efficiency and better utilization of resources
  • Improve communication between everyone involved in the project by adding notes and attaching important files, so they are easily accessible
  • Integrate the application with other Odoo applications, such as Odoo Sales, Odoo eSignature, Odoo Mass Mailing, and Odoo invoicing, to provide better control and management of key processes
Organize Tasks and Projects

Odoo Project Management helps businesses stay on track by simplifying the management of multiple projects. Businesses can identify the tasks that are cancelled, completed, in progress, or upcoming. Therefore, the team can forecast their future resource and staffing needs. It is an effective way to keep everyone involved in the process and identify whether the team is on track or behind, before it starts costing the company money.

Create Easy to Manage Schedules

Odoo Project Management is the ideal way to ensure that you meet your deadlines. You can track the individual progress of many small projects to make sure that things are moving along at a good pace. If you notice that your team is falling behind, you can make the necessary adjustments early in the process, so you can still meet your deadline.

Track Deadlines and Progress

Get a clear overview of what still needs to be done and consistently identify if your team is falling behind. When you have projects that extend over a long period of time, it is essential to keep your team on track, identify where they may be falling behind, and adjust, such as, adding more people to a task, to ensure that you meet your deadline.

Analyze the Data for Increased Effectiveness of Future Projects

Odoo Project Management allows you to get an overview of your workload to ensure that you have the right people and resources to handle it. It is a great tool for scheduling employees, handling employee shortages, and scheduling resource shipments.

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