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Odoo POS

Odoo POS is designed to provide businesses with a user-friendly point of sale option that can be set up in just minutes and compatible with any device or hardware. You can easily utilize this application with tablet, laptops, desktop computers, and industrial machines. The interface allows you to serve many customers at the same time, easily scan items and apply discounts, allow the use of loyalty cards, and credit card payments. Odoo POS offers specialized services for restaurants.

  • Utilize the system online or offline: the information is saved until you are back online
  • Offers up-to-date information regarding inventory, so you can use with multiple locations offering the same stock
  • It is easy to use and customizable to meet your business needs. The application can be integrated with other Odoo applications to provide comprehensive business offerings
  • Stay in touch with your customers and use loyalty programs to keep them coming back
  • Register customers, so you can track their buying habits and send them offers that will appeal to their individual needs
  • Help manage your restaurant or bar with specialized POS attributes that print orders to the bar or kitchen or easily split customer bills
Hardware Compatibility

Odoo POS is compatible with any hardware without an installation. There is no specific hardware required, so you can integrate the system with your existing systems. You may not need to purchase any additional hardware to get this POS system up and running.

Get an Overview of Your Restaurant

Odoo POS Restaurant provides you with a quick overview of your restaurant, so you can improve your overall flow, quickly identify table orders, and jump from various floors to make it easier to manage your restaurant, regardless of the size. With a fully customizable floor plan and support for multiple POS systems, you can easily manage your restaurant. It is an effective way to ensure that your tables are being properly cared for. You will know instantly what tables are available, who is waiting on their food, and how much room you have left for new parties.

Inventory Management

Integrate the POS system with Odoo Inventory and track your inventory, so you can make sure that you have enough food items available to meet customer needs. Some customers eat at your establishment for certain dishes, so you don’t want to be out of the items you need. Items from the POS come right out of the stock, so you can see the availability of various products in real time.

Application Integration

Odoo POS works with all the other Odoo business apps, so you can utilize them to manage your business properly. Utilize these applications to control your inventory, market to your customers via email, create invoices in just a few clicks, and boost your online sales with easy to use product pages. It is a great way to manage and upgrade your current systems to increase revenues, connect better with your customers, and increase your business’s potential.

Various POS Configurations

Odoo POS allows you to choose how best to run your POS system. You can run your shop from your laptop of desktop PC, which is usually the cheapest option. You can still utilize USB barcode scanners, print receipts on thermal or inkjet printers, and implement additional add-ons that best suit your business needs. Odoo POS also works with iOS and Android tablets, which offer smaller set-up spaces and touchscreen use. They are effective, because they are easily transportable, so you can move them around as needed or put them in a stand at cash out station. Odoo POS  also works with industrial touchscreen units that are hard to break. They work great for restaurants and shops that handle a larger volume. With these systems, the Odoo POS application is an essential solution.

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