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Odoo Manufacturing

Odoo Manufacturing is designed to help businesses control their manufacturing processes. Through material requirements planning, manage the product lifecycle, assign and organize maintenance requests, and ensure product quality. Odoo Manufacturing has been designed specifically for manufacturing businesses, because Odoo understands that with so many moving parts, it can be difficult to maintain schedules, inventory, changes, and deadlines.


Odoo MRP application works to control inventory and acts as a planning system for a company’s production. It is an essential business tool that helps the organization plan manufacturing activities, purchasing activities, and delivery activities to obtain optimal levels in the inventory. When you are lacking the raw materials needed to produce the end product, it can lead to shortages and cost the company more money. If you have too much of an item, it leads to waste and this costs the business money, as well, since these resources could have been used to purchase other needed resources. This application works to ensure that your manufacturing business has the essential items needed to meet contracts and supply products to the end user. To best control your inventory, Odoo MRP offers real time communication to optimize your inventory levels. Through the use of make to order rules, master production schedules, and minimum stock rules, companies can elicit automatic procurements for the items they need, so they never have too much or too little.


Odoo Product Lifecycle Management manages the lifecycle for each product from inception, design, manufacturing, service, and disposal. It integrates the data, processes, people, and business systems to provide the company with information it needs. Engineering changes can be managed with real-time communications. Therefore, the company can have effective communication across all departments, and individuals are only involved in the communications that affect them. Triggered alerts allow the company to pass along information that is essential to effective management.


Preventative maintenance is essential to the continued use of various key components within a business. That is why Odoo has created an application that works to ensure that every piece of equipment is maintained regularly. It is a great way to get a longer useful life out of your equipment. Odoo Maintenance can predict failure dates, identify the mean time between failures, and identify the mean time to repair. That way you can make better decisions regarding the maintenance of your equipment. When you have a system down, it can cause big problems for your organization, so Odoo has created an application that works with you to try and prevent these mishaps from affecting your business’s success.


Ensuring product quality in the manufacturing industry is difficult, because there are so many processes where something can go wrong. Odoo has worked to develop an application that provides your business with the necessary processes to help you define a quality control plan that triggers quality checks and receive inspections backed on the plan. These quality checks are fully integrated with your inventory operations and manufacturing operations, so you can ensure a better-quality product for your consumer. Your manufacturing department can initiate quality alerts to the work center control panel, so the right people get the information they need immediately.


Odoo Manufacturing allows you to easily manage your manufacturing orders, work orders, unbilled orders, and repair orders. Plus, manufacturing orders can be edited, so that you can utilize your resources more effectively when things change. The application also provides a great resource for scheduling and planning various manufacturing processes. It works to organize your work orders, identify work center capacities and scheduling, and manage the bill of materials. You can use the data provided through this application to help maintain your manufacturing processes to minimize costs, better utilize raw materials, and maintain the quality you need.

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