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Odoo HR

Odoo Human Resources is designed to help with recruitment, employee management, employee expenses, employee appraisals, fleet management, and leaves management. Your employees are one of your most valuable assets, and their proper management can help you build a strong business and continue to grow.

  • Improve your recruitment processes, so you can find better employees to fill vacancies within your organization
  • Successfully manage your employees and have a central place for all your human resource information
  • Manage your employee expenses online easily and save time creating expense reports
  • Better manage employee evaluations to keep employees on the right track
  • Create appraisals in minutes, so you can provide them with valuable feedback for their future with your organization
  • Manage employee’s time off, so scheduling is easier, and you can plan for key employee’s vacations.
  • Handle your company’s vehicles, costs, contracts, assignments, and insurance easily

Finding the right employees is essential to your company’s success. Odoo Recruitment helps you organize job applications and vacancies. It is a great way to promote job listings, track submitted applications, and catalog their skills and profiles, so you can identify who has the right credentials to fill openings within the organization. The recruitment application also helps you track your job offers and identify which channels are driving the most qualified candidates to your site. You can customize the recruitment process by defining the necessary stages, so you can see which applicants are in which stage of your individual hiring process.


Odoo Employees allows you to put all your human resource information in one place, so you can easily oversee each department. It allows you to track the employee’s timesheets and attendance, so you can identify which employees are getting paid overtime and which employees are taking a lot of time off. You will be alerted when an employee asks for time off, so you have the time to find a replacement that can handle their responsibilities. There are alerts that work to identify employee expenses, so they can be easily tracked and approve or reject them. It is an essential solution for HR professionals and provides the business with information that is valuable to its overall success.


Creating expense reports for daily expenses can be a time-consuming task. However, with Odoo Expenses, you can easily bypass many of the issues associated with expense recording. All the receipts for travel, office supplies, and other employee expenditures can be accessed in one place, so they are easily tracked. The expense dashboard allows managers to create, validate, and refuse expenses in a few clicks. There is no special software needed to maintain these records, because everything is done right in the application. All your receipts can be uploaded into the expense record directly, so there is no worry about losing key receipts your business may need later.


Employee appraisals can be time consuming and many companies fail to put real effort into them. However, they are essential to your employee’s success, because it not only works to identify how well the employees are performing at certain tasks, but it provides them with continual guidance towards your company’s overall goals. With Odoo Appraisals, you can set up periodical evaluations for your employees and easily follow up with their overall progress towards discussed performance goals or issues. Additionally, the app provides you with essential surveys to ensure that you are asking the right questions and recording employee answers for future use. You can design your own survey, so that your company’s managers know what you want discussed during the evaluation process. It is a great way to streamline the process to ensure better results and future progress.


Managing your fleet can be time consuming. You need to track insurance, expenses, mileage, maintenance, and more. When you have a large fleet, this can be difficult. However, with Odoo Fleet, you can easily manage your fleet and keep all the essential information in one place; it is an essential resource for leasing vehicles, because you receive alerts when the leasing contract is nearing the expiration date. It will help you to remember to renew the contracts for vehicles that are still needed, so you have the right resources to keep your business running smoothly. You can also monitor your costs in one place to identify which vehicles in your fleet may be costing you more money and should be replaced.


Odoo Leaves is designed to help businesses track employee vacations and leaves of absence, so they can ensure that there is proper coverage and the essential positions are filled when an employee is out of work for any length of time. It is a great way to plan for these absences and works to best supply the managers with the information they need when determining schedules and shift assignments. Employees can submit their leave requests and the managers can either approve them or refuse them. The employees will get an email regarding their request, so everyone is on the same page. If the request is denied, the email will provide adequate information regarding why it has been refused.

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