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Odoo Ecommerce

Odoo eCommerce is a modern source for your online store that creates beautiful product pages, is mobile friendly, and easy to use. Business owners can easily create professional looking web pages to market their products and services. You can create product pages in seconds using drag and drop blocks. It is easy to add variations to product pages, so you can centralize the consumers ordering process. When a consumer clicks on one of the options, they are provided with additional items that are the same with slight variations, which can boost sales and offer your clients the most variety. Odoo eCommerce allows you to display your content the way you want it to be displayed.

  • Easily design your web pages without complicated processes to make your site look the way that you want it to
  • Sales and inventory can be maintained easily with automatic reporting and stock adjustments
  • Customer portals keep all the customer data located in one spot to ensure that you are providing great customer service
  • Odoo boosts your sales with cross selling, upselling, and cart recovery opportunities, so you are more apt to sell more products and services
  • Payment methods are fully integrated, so your customers can easily pay for their goods and services using various online payment options
  • Easily integrated shipment options to speed up the order fulfillment process and offer multiple delivery rates based on the customer
  • Choose from the designer themes to make the web design process easier
Website Design

Odoo eCommerce allows you to easily design and create product pages that are unique without the need for complicated coding. Choose your font, arrange your pictures, and use a building block system with fully customizable and pre-made blocks to create the ideal website. Odoo eCommerce allows you to add digital products, like an online catalog or eBooks to your site, to increase sales and available format options. The application provides you with the option to create flexible price-lists that include product options and variants and display your available stock online.

Tool Integration

Marketing tools are integrated into the application to help with cross selling and upselling. Odoo suggests items related to the chosen items, so that you can work to increase your revenues. You can define product categories, search by attribute, and push top products at the top of the page, or use coupons and special promotions. Plus, Odoo can search abandoned carts, email them to your customers, and launch a marketing campaign to promote the products the consumers were looking into to help convert abandoned carts to orders.

Ideal Shopping Experience

An easy shopping experience helps to promote your online sales. When the customer can easily search for what they need, find other variations of the products to better suit their style, and easily pay for the products online, sales will increase. Odoo eCommerce allows the customer to easily search the site, quickly check out, see a preview of their order before checking out, and receive help from the live chat feature to handle any issues.

Various Payment Options

Having the ability to pay in various ways is so important for businesses, because consumers use different types of payment options to purchase things online. The fully integrated system allows your business to accept more types of payments, so you can sell your products and services with ease.

Various Shipping Methods

To help speed up the shipping process and add tracking options, Odoo eCommerce works with many of the major carriers to expedite shipping options. The shipping costs can be automatically calculated, so the customer pays the full price for the product and the shipping. Plus, your company can define its own shipping rules, so the system can calculate shipping for orders coming from your warehouse based on weight and other criteria.

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