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Odoo CRM

The design of the Odoo Customer Relationship Manager application helps improve customer relations. Additionally, the application turns one-time shoppers into long-term loyal customers. The application helps businesses track leads, close on opportunities, and receive data that can help them make better decisions. Without customer loyalty, businesses will eventually fail. It is essential that companies are consistently working towards building better relationships with their customers and keeping up with their ever-changing needs.

  • Receive insights regarding your customers. This will help your business make better decisions regarding product and service offerings, promotable offerings, and new customer trends
  • Design a dashboard that provides you with a picture of your business. Thus you can better analyze how you are doing in the industry
  • Look into real-time reports and flow charts, so that you can gain valuable information about what your business is doing well and what it can be doing better
  • With a modern user interface that is designed for sales, you can sell your products and services faster
  • Take advantage of leads to help grow your business and gain a larger patronage
  • Utilize essential opportunities your business can use to grow
  • Keep better track of your customers and their information. After that, you can keep in contact with them and provide follow-up services, that create loyal customers and repeat sales
  • Increase the efficiency of your communications
Taking Advantage of Leads

Odoo CRM provides you with the key tools needed to take better advantage of leads through lead nurturing, lead importing, lead scoring, and online acquisitions. You can create lead campaigns that send emails tailored to the lead activities and segments that you are trying to reach. Leads easily import into the matching tool, so you can reach prospects faster. Odoo works to increase the effectiveness of turning leads into sales.

Creating More Opportunities

Odoo CRM provides your business with optimal opportunities of building better relationships with your customers through call management, customizable stages, meeting scheduling, pipeline management, and next action planning. Lost opportunities can be automatically archived, so that your time is spent seeking out credible leads. The application provides you with key information and 360-degree visibility into the lead’s pages visited, mails, meetings, next actions, and previous orders. Thus, you have all the information you need to better service your customers.

Increased Communication

Odoo CRM works to improve and increase the level of communication between those in an organization and those outside. It works to improve on the internal communication regarding the customers and works to improve communications with the customers. Through customized alerts regarding key opportunities and email templates that speed up the process of communicating with your customers, Odoo CRM works to build a personalized experience for each one of your customers.

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