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Odoo Accounting

Odoo Accounting helps businesses with all their accounting needs. Through the modern interface, the user can easily track the accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank balances, company performance and more. The software’s design helps save your employee’s time and track customers and vendors better. It allows you to do more every day in less time, which increases your efficiency. The accounting dashboard allows you to easily see the customer invoices, bank balances, vendor bills, and cash on hand. You can easily reconcile items with a click of the mouse to ensure proper reporting and analyses.

  • Synchronize your bank statements with the software automatically, thus you don’t have to make manual entries
  • Create invoices that are professional, manage any reoccurring billing statements, as well as track payments easily
  • Set controls for supplier invoices and see a clear forecast of your upcoming bills
  • Use the smart reconciliation tool to save time through automation
  • Help deliver electronic invoices and automated follow up messages to get paid faster
  • Turn your sales and delivery orders into invoices easily
  • Create useful reports that help you track your business’s success as well as prepare financial statements with ease
  • Skip manual transaction recording by integrating with other Odoo applications, such as, Odoo Expenses, Odoo Inventory, Odoo Sales, and Odoo Point-of-Sale

Odoo makes the accounting process easy and provides you with the most up-to-date information available. Odoo Accounting provides the right information at the right time, thus you can manage how your business operates and make the best use of the information that your company has.

Improved Accounts Receivable

Odoo Accounting makes it easy to create professional looking invoices, which include payment terms, various taxes, and customers discounts. The application allows you to support various payments for a single invoice. Invoices are automatically created based on the timesheets, delivery orders, and sales orders, so you don’t have to manually create invoices from sales orders. Plus, you can see any outstanding payments due from a customer, when creating a new invoice for that client. It is a great way to address the outstanding payment, so you can get it paid quicker and not have to reconcile later.

Receive Payments Faster and Easier

Odoo Accounting allows your customers to pay via credit card through an online payment support portal. Odoo Accounting supports all the main payment gateways, such as, PayPal, Ingenico, and Authorize.net. Through the customer portal, your customers can track the status of their order, see invoices, and make payments on open invoices. It can help them manage their own accounts. Odoo helps to relieve the stress associated with collections by proposing follow-up letters, tasks, and emails automatically and the preparation of aged receivable reports.

Improved Accounts Payable

Odoo Accounting works to control the supplier bills, forecast expenses, and track employee expenses. It allows you to easily print checks for suppliers, track expenses, and helps set up a payment flow to get crucial bills paid first. With Odoo Accounting, you are always on top of your expenses; make quality decisions regarding what bills to pay and pay them on time to receive additional discounts, such as, early pay discounts.

Easy Money Management

Odoo tracks your deposits through the reconciliation process. Therefore, you can reconcile the bank statement to ensure what is in the bank is what is showing in your software. That way you aren’t using money that isn’t available. You can easily audit differences between your bank statements and your accounts.

Odoo Provides Flexibility

Odoo application provides you with flexibility, because it supports multiple currencies, multiple users, multiple companies, and multiple journals. It’s design works for businesses of all sizes and for businesses with various needs that are dependent upon personnel and size.

Advanced Reporting

Odoo Application equips businesses with intelligent reports, customizable key performance indicators, as well as fiscal year reports. Receive the various reports that you need to make valuable decisions and simplify reporting procedures. Choose the key performance indicators that mean something to your business, so you have the information that you need to make important decisions.

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