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About Odoo

Odoo – formerly called OpenERP – is an all in one business management software offering a vast array of business applications for firms of all sizes. Not only does Odoo encompass project management and sales in a single tool, but it also supplements them with a range of POS, MRP, and e-commerce functionalities in order to deliver an all-inclusive solution that can help companies manage all kinds of operations. Better yet, Odoo goes a step further to integrate all sales channels you can think of; which when amalgamated with its mighty inventory management prowess, creates the best business management solution you can find in the marketplace today. It’s no wonder Odoo serves more than two million users at the moment, is available in more than 20 languages, and is serving most geographies in the world.

Why Odoo?

Most firms use distinct software solutions to run different aspects of their firm, for instance, PeopleMatter for human resources, SalesForce for CRM, or QuickBooks for accounting. More often than not, these different software systems can’t communicate with each other, which in turn complicates matters and leaves room for mistakes when data has to be transferred from one system to another. Using Odoo, however, allows you to have all these functionalities, and much more, incorporated into one software solution that uses a distinct module for every business need. Better yet, Odoo expedites the sharing of info between modules, reducing mistakes and the time required to complete each task. Do you still need more reasons for why you should choose Odoo for your business? Here are a few.

Open Source

Odoo’s open source technical foundation is an assurance of usability since the scheme involves an estimated 300 new applications each month. The smart minds behind Odoo continue to develop and adapt these technologies to the latest paradigms so that Odoo can keep meeting your expectations.


Unlike other Market ERPs, you can begin using Odoo with the modules of your choosing then add more later on as you need them. You can attain all this while retaining the benefits of an integrated solution.


Odoo is 100% cloud-based and comes with a free-of-charge basic plan for one application, and appropriate for up to 50 users. Transitioning to any of the other two premium plans is effortless and covers all the applications you need.


Odoo retails with more than a thousand modules you can deploy to meet your business needs and requirements. Better yet, Odoo is constantly under development, and the stack of modules and functionalities continues to increase.

Odoo Features

From the start, Odoo has comprehended the basic requirements of users & businesses and has done a marvellous job of ensuring it offers all relevant features and modules. This user-friendly interface has won hearts across all business sectors. With that in mind, here are Odoo’s features that will allow you to tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Warehouse Management

Odoo supports the management of various structured stock locations and warehouses. For every warehouse, you can define the outbound, inbound, and stock location.


Odoo awards you the ability to efficiently and intelligently manage claims, campaigns, bugs, requests, issues, tasks, opportunities, and leads. It automates critical tasks such as notification, assignment, prioritization, identification, communication, and case resolution.

Sales Management

Odoo allows you to classify and manage your sales orders in a hierarchical and structured system. It awards you the capability to make new orders and assess existing ones in their several states. Confirmation of a created order can spontaneously trigger the delivery of goods as well as invoicing.

HR Management

With Odoo, organizations can track their employees’ contracts, payrolls, directory, attendance, and improve the recruitment process. Odoo can also store employees’ skills in the database and in the long run use such information when considering promotions, job assignment, and job offers.


Through an easy-to-use dashboard, synchronize your bank statements and track your accounts payable & receivable with ease. Create professional invoices and track customer payments all from the same application.  Automate data entry and save time with the smart reconciliation tool and customizable performance reports.

Point of Sale

With the help of this Odoo system, you can effortlessly manage all aspects of sales maneuvers including, but not limited to, invoicing, sales, inventory, and cash registry for a consolidated global outlook of your inventory and operations.

Project Management

Odoo permits you to manage your firm’s tasks and projects without limitations whatsoever. It offers you the tools required to control tasks, handle multi-level sub-projects, notify clients via email, schedule tasks and arrange allocated errands. Odoo also permits you to invoice based on assignment completion.

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